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Looking After Your Eyes

Hello, my name is Vern and this is my new blog. I have just been fitted with a set of new glasses and I am so happy with them and so pleased that I can now see well enough to type on my computer, that I decided to start this blog in order to celebrate. I had been putting off going for an eye test for many years. It was foolish, I know. But I was worried about what was actually involved. It turns out that I had absolutely nothing to worry about. The optometrist was a great guy and the testing was straight forward and pain free.


Understanding The Four Main Components Of An Eye Test

28 August 2017
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When you visit your optometrist for an eye test, they will use a combination of specialist equipment and testing procedures to check the health of your eyes. The structure of your eyes will be assessed, and your visual ability will be measured, so understanding what procedures your optometrist employs to evaluate your eyes can help you understand the results of your test. Here's an overview of the four main components of a standard eye test: Read More …