Preparing for Cataract Surgery: 3 Things to Consider

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Preparing for Cataract Surgery: 3 Things to Consider

19 September 2017
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If your cataract surgery has been scheduled, your doctor will of course talk you through each stage of the process. Some aspects of preparing for your surgery can only be done by you, and there are three key things you need to consider.

1. Blood Thinning Agents

You need to be cautious about ingesting anything that might thin your blood. This can hinder your recovery after cataract surgery. So this means that you might need to abstain from alcohol in the days leading up to your surgery. Alcohol can act as a blood thinner, and while consuming a moderate amount might not pose any issues, be wary of heavy consumption. Ask your doctor if you have any concerns. You also need to give your doctor a full list of any medications you might be taking. Some medications can thin your blood, and so your doctor might temporarily suspend your dosage of the items in question, or they might prescribe a temporary alternative. It really depends on what you might be taking the medication for. Don't forget to also give your doctor a full list of any over the counter medications that you might be taking on a regular basis, as these can also have an effect.

2. Home Preparation

If your doctor dictates that there is to be any type of preparation at home prior to the surgery, it's imperative that you follow their advice. This can include fasting prior to the operation for a certain period of time. You can prepare for this by consuming a larger than usual quantity of food immediately prior to the commencement of the fasting period. You should also confirm whether your fasting includes liquids, and which types of drinks should be avoided. Eyedrops with antibacterial properties might also be suggested during this time to keep your eyes as clean as possible prior to the surgery.

3. Planning Ahead

Remember that you will need assistance immediately after your surgery, and it's best to make these arrangements in advance. You will of course need someone to drive you home, so ensure that a friend or family member is available. You will also be affected by reduced capacity in the days after the surgery. Strenuous activities should be avoided, so it's wise to give your home a thorough cleaning before the surgery, so that it stays in a clean and comfortable state while you're recovering.

While cataract surgery is a common procedure, it's infinitely more straightforward if you take the time to properly prepare.